Thors Hammer Lapis Lazuli Cord Necklace


Thors Hammer Lapis Lazuli Cord Necklace

Handmade | Pewter Lapis Lazuli | Cord Necklace
Hammer of the gods in this blue lapis lazuli thor's hammer cord necklace!

Lapis Lazuli a powerful gemstone for spirituality is know as the Philosopher's Stone. Lapis Lazuli combined with Thor's hammer makes for a very powerful amulet necklace for both men and women.

Thor's hammer handmade necklace is strung on a thick 2 mm black cotton cord that you can tie at any length you desire. The length of the cord is a bout 28 inches in length. The length of the Thor's hammer pendant from top of jump ring to end of amulet is about 2 & 1/2 inches in length. The hammer amulet is wire wrapped to blue lapis lazuli nuggets.

Lapis brings self awareness, enlightenment, purification, symbol of truth, opens and cleanses the chakras. It was said that the Egyptians buried their dead with some form of lapis as they thought it would guide and protect them in the afterlife.

In Norse mythology Thor was the God of Thunder and the God of War. He carried a short handled hammer made by Dwarves. Thor used to smash the heads of his enemies. The hammer was so heavy that in order to wield it, he had to wear a special belt, to boost his strength and iron gloves to enable him to lift it. When thrown, the hammer magically returned to the person who threw it.

Wear or give this powerful amulet to someone you love.
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