Gemstone Heart Choker Necklace

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Gemstone Heart Choker Necklace

Lovely heart gemstone necklace for someone you love! Your choice of ONE gemstone heart handmade necklace.

This gemstone heart necklace is strung on a smooth stretchy rubber cord that is easy to wear. It has a unique clasp, in that you insert one part of the cord that has a pointed end into a tube end.
The necklace measure about 16 inches in length. The gemstone heart pendant can measure from 3/4 inch in width. Each gemstone is unique, no two are alike.

***Please note that all necklaces are handmade.
You will receive one gemstone necklace that is similar to the ones pictured.
Each stone will vary, since gemstone crystals are unique in nature.

Gemstone available in light amethyst, clear quartz and carnelian.