Thunderbird Southwestern Tribal Bird Earrings


Thunderbird Southwestern Tribal Bird Earrings

Handmade | Metal | Dangle Earrings
A cool pair of southwestern, native american influenced thunderbird earrings you'll love!

These handmade thunderbird earrings are antique silver and embellished with turquoise magnesite, red coral beads and black glass seed beads. From top of french style ear wires hooks to bottom of thunderbird charm they measure about 2 and 1/4 inches in length.

The tribal bird has native american symbols like the sun in the middle of the bird. and decorative wings.

Thunderbird Mythology:

Considered a supernatural bird of power, strength, intelligence and wrathfulness. Depicted in various art forms among the people of the American Southwest and other areas. The thunderbird is also known as Lakota which means sacred winged. Was given the name thunderbird because it's enormous wings would cause thunder and stirred the wind when flapping his wings. Was thought to have the capability of creating storms & thundering while flying. Native Americans believed that the thunderbird could shoot lightning from its eyes. Never mess with the mighty thunderbird or face the consequences.
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