Dragonfly Oval Ring Dangle Earrings


Dragonfly Oval Ring Dangle Earrings

Handmade | Alloy Metal | Dangle Earrings
Perfect dragonfly dangle earrings for everyday wear.

These handmade oval ring dragon fly earrings go with everything in your closet. Silver color oval ring hoops and antique silver highly detailed dragonfly charms looped onto the oval ring and hang from french style ear wires.

From top of ear wires to bottom of dragonfly charm they measure about 2 & 1/4 inches long.

You'll love these light weight easy to wear dragonfly earrings. No matter what color hair you have, these oval hoop dragon fly earrings will be seen, be ready to hear all your friends say...I love your earrings!

Dragonfly Symbology:

The Dragonfly myth is that Dragonflies were once Dragons. They symbolize change in the perspective of self realization, in mental and emotional maturity. To understand the deeper meaning of life. Dragonflies are both a creature of the wind and water. The Dragonfly asks that you pay attention to your deeper thoughts and desires.

Seeing the real you
Living IN the moment
Living life to the fullest
Opening of one's eyes
Symbolizes Summer & Autumn
Good Luck Charm