Wolf Spirit Carnelian Dangle Earrings


Wolf Spirit Carnelian Dangle Earrings

Handmade | Gemstone | Dangle Earrings
Let your wolf spirit guide you with these beautiful wolf earrings with fiery carnelian gemstones.

Antique silver handmade wolf charms are wired wrapped with carnelian gemstones and hung on elongated silver plated kidney earwires.

From top of ear wires to bottom of wolf charm the earrings measure about 2 inches in length.

The wolf charm is highly detailed and depicts a wolf howling.

Wolf symbology:
Intelligence, freedom. social connections, instinct, loyalty, cunning, compassionate, communication, strength, friendliness
In Native American traditions the wolf is the highest spiritual teacher in the kingdom.

Carnelian: Is the birthstone for zodiac signs Taurus, cancer, Leo and Virgo. A fire element gemstone, Mars associated.
Associated with emotional warmth, sociability, creativity, happiness, harmony, courage, self esteem, memory, rebirth. Said to sharpen concentration, calms anger, banishes emotional negativity, boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality. Good for lower back problems, arthritis, depression.
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