Chakra Lotus Dangle Earrings


Chakra Lotus Dangle Earrings

Handmade | Gemstone | Yoga Dangle Earrings
A beautiful pair of lotus flowers and seven chakras gemstone handmade earrings for aligning all your chakra energies.

Chakra gemstone earrings are hung from silver plated elongated kidney ear wires and feature the silver color lotus flower bloom, that is wire wrapped with seven chakra gemstone nugget chips.

The yoga earrings from top of ear wires to bottom of gemstones meaure about 3 inches in length.

The beautiful nugget chip gemstones used in these chakra mystic earrings are from top to bottom:

Clear Quartz Crystal
Red Jasper

Each chakra represents one of the major energy centers of the body:

7th chakra - crown of head, spirituality
6th chakar - 3rd eye, vision
5th chakra - creativity, expression
4th chakra - heart, love
3rd chakra - solar plexus, power
2nd chakra - lower belly, emotions
1st chakra - base of spine, survival
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