Romantic Love Blush Crystal Heart Bracelet Handmade


Romantic Love Blush Crystal Heart Bracelet Handmade

Handmade | Wire Wrapped | Bracelet
Beautiful sparkly romantic love heart handmade bracelet will put the spotlight on romantic love.

I designed this romantic crystal heart bracelet with love in mind. The feelings you get when you first are falling in love with someone and you blush. Every time you are near that person, you feel warm and you start to blush. This is especially true for young love or the beginnings of a budding love.

I took the idea of a blush, how it starts out and how it progresses through a stage to a full on blush.

I took glass faceted matte beads in ghost AB white beads which have a rainbow and blue-ish tones, just lovely, like very pale skin and added pink cotton candy faceted czech beads and finally matte czech ruby red siam beads. I interspaced them with silver metal beads to give the bracelet interest and seperate the colors of the blush.

I added a faceted glass crystal heart as a charm and also two rosaline pink czech beads to pick up the hues and tie into the pink and ghost beads.

This romantic love bracelet closes with a lobster claw push clasp and measures from clasp to end of wire wrapped czech rosaline faceted glass bead 8 & 1/2 inches long. This bracelet is best worn by itself for a wrist size of 7 to size 7 1/2 inches.

The bracelet has a warm feminine glow, with its soft pinks, ghosty whites and ruby tones, that will please all females.

This sweet and romantic wire looped love's first blush bracelet makes a terrific gift for someone you adore any time of the year.
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