What Is Vamps Jewelry

What Is Vamps Jewelry?

You may wonder what exactly is Vamps Jewelry?  I'm glad you asked! My nickname is Vampy and I created Vamps Jewelry for people that love some of the same things that I do.

Vamps Jewelry is handmade jewelry, but not your ordinary handmade, hand crafted jewelry.  Vamps Jewelry is a blend of different styles.  Jewelry for both Ladies and Gents.  Below is a list of what Vamps Jewelry is.


Main Jewelry Categories:


-  Gothic, Dark, Mysterious and Alluring
-  Mystical, Magical, Symbolic
-  Romantic, Victorian, Vintage inspired


Sub Jewelry Categories:  


-  Oceanic Sea inspired
-  Fantasy and Fairy Tale
-  Celestial
-  Flora and Nature
-  Celtic and Pagan


My design styles are mostly of a dark nature but with a feminine romantic touch.

I'm very much inspired by Gothic romance, the Victorian era, vintage styles, steampunk, vampire, witchy Pagan, Celtic, mystical magical things, fairy tales, fantasy, nature, celestial things.

I try to incorporate some of those elements into my jewelry designs.

I hope you enjoy some of my pieces as I have enjoyed designing and making them.


Vee Vampy

Me, ideas swirling in my head...

Work area, where jewelry is made.

My work area...

Photo area, where product pics are taken

Where the photos are taken...

My kitty helpers.

My kitty helpers, Nina and Steampunk...