Vamps Jewelry Themes

Vamps Jewelry Themes

Vamps Jewelry is for Romantic Dark Souls, Handmade Gothic Victorian 
Romantic Jewelry that is both affordable and fun! 


Vamps jewelry has a nostalgic & vintage feel, Gothic and enchanting. 

Our jewelry is handcrafted - styles ranging from Dark Romantic, Gothic, 
Neo-Victorian, Vintage inspired, styles for both ladies and gents. 


We also have Mystical, Pagan, Celestial, Nautical, Celtic 
and Nature inspired jewelry. 


Jewelry creations in:


Crosses, Ankhs
Skulls, Crossbones, Skeletons
Crescent Moon, Moon, Sun, Celestial
Bat, Bat Wing, Vampire, Vampire Fangs
Spider, Spiderweb
Coffin, Tombstone
Black Cat
Ouija Board
Masks, Phantom of the Opera
Swords, Hachet, Dagger
Dark Romance, Love
Keys, Locks
Roses, Black Rose, Flowers
Hearts, Black Heart
Spikes, Horn, Antler
Crows, Raven, Birds, Birdcage
Bird Skeleton, Claw
Branch, Leaves, Acorn, Pinecone
Dragonfly, Butterfly, Bee
Angel Wings
Queen, Crown, Imperial, Royal
Fairy, Elf
Celtic, Green
Pentacles, Goddess, Greenman, Mystical
Symbolic: Yin Yang, Triquetra, Evil Eye, Eye of Horus
Hamsa Hand, Peace Sign, Good Luck, etc.
Archer, Arrow, Crossbow, Bow n Arrow
Pandora's Box
Zombie, Monsters, Bride of Frankenstein
Alice in Wonderland
Fairy Tale, Castle
Dragon, Mythical/Fantasy
Totem Animals
Nautical, Ocean, Sealife, Octopus, Anchor
Comic Book Characters - Catwoman, Harley Quinn
Femme Fetale
Fetish, Handcuffs, Mistress
Tattoo Theme: Rockabilly, Punk, Rock
Asian Theme
Landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Lady Liberty
Places: USA, London, Paris, Canada, Ireland, Japan
Rosary Beads, Cameos, Cabs, Lockets, Filigree


Favorite Themes: 


Victorian Vampire

Romantic Goth


Dark Romance

Day of The Dead

Vampire Goth

Celestial Goddess

Mystical Pagan

Land and Sea - Nautical, Nature



All jewelry is handcrafted and made by Vamp, in Plymouth,MA
except any piece that states that it is not handmade. 


All metals, charms and chains are Lead Free and Nickel Free. 


All our jewelry is intended for Adults, our jewelry is not
recommended for children ages 15 and under


**We ship orders within the USA ** 


Vamps Jewelry is a small family run business. When you purchase
jewelry from Vamps, you're supporting handmade products, 
one of a kind jewelry made by an independent artist. 


Thanks so much!