Welcome Spring & Ostara


Welcome Spring & Ostara

Spring and Ostara - the new season is upon us, when light overtakes the night.  It's a time for renewal, rebirth, a fresh new start, as the light grows brighter each day.


Ostara or the Spring equinox is celebrated with flowers, plants, seeds, bulbs, eggs, food, milk, honey, & candles.


Ostara is associated with baby animals - rabbits, lambs, chicks & calves. 


Decorate your altar with flowers, daffodils, crocus, candles, small chocolate eggs and miniture figures of baby animals. Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Amethyst Crystals are nice to add to your altar or wear as jewelry.


Celebrate the Sabbat with a toast to the  new season & of things to come!

Happy Ostara...

New beginnings...