Way to Celebrate St. Paddy's Day


Ways to Celebrate the Green - St. Paddy's Day

This is a fun, silly list of things to do to celebrate the color GREEN even if you are Goth!


-  Shower with Irish Spring soap
-  Wash your hair with Prell shampoo
-  Dry off with a green towel
-  Dress in green & some black of course
-  Be sure to do a gothic green make-up
-  Get a green mani and pedi
-  Wear your lucky shamrock jewelry along side of your Goth jewelry
-  Have green eggs and ham for breakfast
-  Buy a bouquet of green carnations or a shamrock plant
-  Eat green grapes
-  Chew spearmint gum or wintergreen mints
-  Drink a shamrock green milkshake
-  Listen to Greenday hmmm listen to The Cure ;)
-  Make some green popcorn  
-  Make corned beef and green cabbage boiled dinner
-  Key Lime Pie for dessert
-  Watch the Boston Celtics
-  Drink Absinthe cocktails  
-  Drink green beer at a pub
-  Drink any green cocktail


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day...