Sea Enchantment


Sea Enchantment

I feel grateful living near the ocean.  On any given day you can be by the sea in a matter of minutes.  The sky, beach sand and beautiful ocean surrounding you with it's enchantment.  


On a summer's day walking along the beach looking for seashells, holey (hag) stones for good luck, sea glass and breathing in the ocean air.  Standing before the ocean and gazing at the horizon you can feel it's magic pull, connecting you with the power of the ocean.  


It's from this that I draw upon inspiration of my lost sea treasures collection.  I try to channel the vibe of what it feels like to be by the sea and all it's beauty.  From little peebles, seashells to sea birds. Hearing the ocean waves crashing along the sea shore, feeling the sun's rays.


The magic of mermaids, sea Goddesses and sea witches. Of pirates and lost treasures, sea life and sea monsters from the deep :)  The colors of a stormy sea or the green and blue of smooth sailing waters. The beach at sunrise, sunset and at night with stars as far as the eye can see.


Enchanting sea and all it beauty captured in jewelry for you, from me.... Nautical Beach Jewelry Collection

Sea Enchantment...