Rain Fuels Creativity

Rain Fuels Creativity


Listen to the sound of the pouring rain, I'm only happy when it rains, rain falling from my finger tips, here comes the rain again, a little rain must fall, let it rain, let it rain...  So many songs with the theme of rain.


I love the sound of rain, how it can go from a gentle pitter patter to a torrential sound. I love how rain cleanses our Mother Earth and yes in a way it cleanses us, our Spirit. When it rains, I love how it's dark, cloudy and makes you go within.  A perfect time for fueling the imagination and creativity.  I often love to spend a rainy day just dreaming up jewelry designs or actually getting some jewelry made on a day like today.


It's raining today (smiles).

Girl in the rain.

Goth Girl in the rain...