Beltane Celebrations

God and Goddess

Greenman and Goddess

Beltane Celebrations

On the last night of April 30th, starts the celebration of Beltane, with a bonfire and merry making.  The celebration of the fertility of Spring.  Mother Earth is ready to once again spring into life.  It is the festival of the union of the God and Goddess, which brings forth the renewal of Mother Earth.


Decorate your alter with a green altar cloth.  Dress it up with candles in spring colors, white, yellow, lavendar, sky blue. A mini Maypole center piece or vases with spring flowers, daffodils, tulips, surround them with mini antlers, twigs, sticks, seeds, acorns, flowers. A small statue of the Goddess and God, a cauldron, chalice and pentacle.


Make a crown with ivy and flowers to wear.  Plant some seeds and flowers in pots and in your garden.  Light a bonfire. Celebrate with wine, drinks, food and music. Wear your favorite Pagan jewelry with your witchy bohemian dresses all season long.