Labradorite Pentacle Charm Choker Pentagram Necklace


Labradorite Pentacle Charm Choker Pentagram Necklace

Handmade | Cord Microfiber Suede | Gemstone
Labradorite Pentacle Charm Choker, Pentagram Necklace - Beautiful Labradorite Gemstone Pentacle Charm Choker Necklace will be your favorite to wear anytime you want a the energy of The Goddess and calming soothing effects of Labradorite energy.

This pentacle pentagram labradorite handmade choker is 16 inches long and closes with a lobster claw push clasp. The pentacle is embellished with three labradorite gemstone chips that have a nice blue flash radiating from the stones in certain light angles. It is strung on a black soft micro fiber suede cord necklace.

This pentacle choker will look awesome with all your casual clothing or rock it with other chains and beaded necklaces.

Makes a nice thoughful gift for anyone that loves Labradorite or follows the Pagan path.

Labradorite with it's Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) glow appear to be trapped inside the gemstones displaying flashes of blue, green tones. Labradorite is a sister gemstone to moonstone, and links to the "darker" Crone aspects of the Goddess, and grants inner knowing of Mystery.

Use Labradorite to: Stimulate imagination Develop enthusiasm To see more clearly in meditation To bring good luck Removes negativity Calming Relieves Stress, anxiety, despression Reduces blood pressure Promotes self confidence Opens psychic abilities, intuition Use for prophetic dreams Labradorite alleviating bone issues, disorders of the spinal column and the wear and tear of the joints. Rheumatism and arthritis may also benefit from this stone's healing powers.

Astrological Signs associated with Labradorite gemstone: Scorpio, Sagittarius & Leo
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