Jewelry Care

How To Care For Your Jewelry

All our jewelry should be treated with care, handmade jewelry is fragile and not meant to be handled roughly. Do not let jewelry come into contact with perfumes, hairsprays & makeup, apply these products first and then put on your jewelry. Do not bath, shower or sleep with your jewelry on.

Most of our jewelry can be treated like fashion and costume jewelry, just wipe with a jewelry cloth. We do not recommend using any liquid cleaners because it can harm the finishes of some of the glass beads, gemstones and charms.

All our jewelry is lead free and nickel free.

**Note - All our jewelry is intended for Adults - our jewelry is not recommended for ages 15 and under**

How to Care For Glass Dome Cameos:

Store your cameo away from other jewelry to protect from scratching the glass dome. Clean with a soft damp cloth if necessary and dry immediately. Pendant is NOT waterproof, but is water resistant. Please do NOT submerge in water. Remove your cameo necklace when bathing or swimming. Also DO NOT submerge in water or in jewelry cleaner.

How to Cleanse Cultured Pearls:

Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth when you take them off, this will keep them clean longer.
The cloth can be dampened with water or you can use it dry.
Allow pearls to completely dry before storing them.

You can cleanse pearls if need be with a mild soap and water, rinse and dry.

Do Not clean your pearls with any harsh detergents or solutions that contain ammonia.

Do Not use an ultrasonic cleaner on your pearls.

Storing Pearls:

Since pearls can be scratched easily, please put your pearls in a soft cloth or soft bag by themselves so they do not rub with other metals or jewelry.

About Silver Filled Jewelry:

Anti tarnish 1/10 Silver-filled, which means that the outer 10% of each item is .925 silver. These items have a brass core. The silver is mechanically bonded to the brass. The result is much thicker than silver plating. This process make the ear hooks much less expensive than solid sterling silver, and the difference in quality is impossible to see with the naked eye. Unlike silver plate, which can wear off quite quickly, silver filled will keep its beauty through years of daily wear.

How to Care For Silver Filled Jewelry:

Use the same precautions you would with real silver jewelry - don't expose to harsh chemicals, and when not in use, store in a dry, airtight bag or container.

About Sterling Silver Jewelry:

Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% of another alloy, usually copper, to make it into jewelry. Silver itself is too soft to make into jewelry so it must be combined with another alloy.

It is best to remove your sterling silver jewelry when swimming in salt water or swimming pools.

How to Care For Sterling Silver:

To cleanse your sterling silver jewelry wipe with a soft polishing cloth made for sterling silver. The silver polishing cloths have a chemical inside of the cloth to remove any tarnish. We do not recommend using liquid cleaners unless the piece is extremely tarnished. If using a liquid cleaner do not leave in cleaner for more than a few seconds. Afterwards rince in distilled water. Dry your silver with a soft cloth and use your silver polishing cloth to put a polish and protective coating back on your sterling jewelry, otherwise it will tarnish again very quickly.

To keep your sterling silver jewelry looking it's best avoid storing in sunlight or where there is lots of moisture & humidity as this will start to tarnish your sterling silver jewelry.

Store your sterling silver jewelry in a small sealed zip lock type baggy away from sun and moisture. Use an anti-tarnish strip stored in the baggy.

Do NOT put silver near rubber Or use rubber bands when storing your sterling silver. Rubber corrodes silver and turns it slowly black.

How to Care For Brass and Copper Jewelry:

Like Sterling Silver copper and brass jewelry also tarnish/patina. If you like the look of a patina on your copper or brass let it age naturally and do not cleanse regularly. If you want your copper or brass not to get tarnished or patina store it like you would sterling silver in plastic baggies away from sun and humidity.

To remove tarnish from copper or brass you can use a commercial copper/brass cleaner but be sure any stones can withstand the chemicals in the cleaner, if the stones or gemstones can not withstand cleaner please do not use it.

Clean copper and brass oxidation by rubbing it with a soft cloth soaked in either white vinegar or lemon juice.
Rinse with clean water, dry and polish with jewelry cloth.

How to Care For Pewter Jewelry:

To clean your pewter jewelry, use a mild soap, water and a soft cloth. Wash the jewelry piece in soapy water, rinse and pat dry with soft cloth. There are Pewter polishes available, but should not be used regularly. Do not wear your pewter jewelry while exercising or when using harsh chemicals, so that the pewter retains it's polished surface longer. When storing your pewter jewelry it is advised to wrap it in tissue paper or a soft cloth. This will help your pewter jewelry last a long time.

Gemstones Sensitve to Chemical Cleaners Partial List - if in doubt (DO NOT USE):

Lapis Lazuli

Gemstones Sensitive to Sunlight Partial List (Might Fade or Change Color):

Rose Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Gemstone Metaphysical Properties:

All metaphysical or healing properties listed on our gemstone jewelry are offered as a service/info, they are spiritual supports to healing and not meant to treat medical conditions.