Filigree Mint Rose Fairy Silver Necklace


Filigree Mint Rose Fairy Silver Necklace

Handmade | Filigree
Whimsical and magical silver plated fairy charm dangles from a beautiful mint blue green rose filigree setting.

The silver plated fairy is highly detailed and very shiny. She is wire wrapped to a clear faceted Xillion bicone crystal (Crystal Moonlight) which is wire wrapped to the silver filigree mint rose setting.

The handmade fairy necklace is done up on a cable silver plated chain and hangs about 17 inches long - the drop on the filigree setting including the fairy dangle measures approximately 2 & 1/4 inches. The silver filigree rose setting is about a little over an inch in width.

This charming fairy necklace is a nice piece to give to anyone who love fairys, believes in magic and loves mystical jewelry. Take this charming mint blue rose fairy necklace and welcome the fae into your life.

Fairy Facts: Fairies are a type of mythical supernatural magical creatures. Human in appearance, very tiny with wings, having magical powers and can be any color. According to legend fairies can be very helpful or very mischievious, keep them happy and good things happen.

Fairies also known as: faeries, faery, wee folk, fay, fae, sprites, pixies, gnomes, brownies, magical creatures, fairies, elf, nymph, sylph, ethereal being.