Sea Mermaid Green Agate Red Coral Pearl Necklace


Sea Mermaid Green Agate Red Coral Pearl Necklace

Handmade | Charm Necklace
Sail to me, sail to me... she calls. The siren with her beautiful voice hypnotized passing sailors, luring them to her.

This magical and mystical mermaid handmade necklace is a must have for ladies that love beauty and the power of female energies.

The sea mermaid charm pendant dangles from it's bail and jump ring with a wire wrapped fresh water white pearl. Beside the mermaid a wire wrapped beautiful sea green agate gemstone and a red coral nugget with teal glass bead, making for a beautiful trio charm pendant.

The pendant is strung on a silver metal link chain and closes with a lobster claw clasp. The necklace measure about 18 inches long and the mermaid gemstone charm from top of bail measures 1 & 3/4 inches long, almost 2 inches.

Mermaid Symbolism - a water symbol that represents emotions, intuition and the subconscious. She represents unrivaled beauty. Myth depicts mermaids as having the most luscious, alluring voices that enchant and seduce anyone that hears her. Mermaids are said to appear to only the true of heart, between the hours of dawn and dusk... by the light of the moon, when magic comes alive!

She represents: beauty, mystery, allure, sensuality, love, emotion, perception, untamed, femininity, persuasion, elusive, private, seduction, wild freedom, rebellious spirit
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