Sterling Silver Labradorite Hoop Earrings


Sterling Silver Labradorite Hoop Earrings

Handmade | Sterling Silver | Hoop
Sterling Silver Labradorite Hoop Earrings - a lovely set of sterling silver hoop earrings with Labradorite chips that have iridescent shades of blue that flash when light hits the gemstone at certain angles.

These sterling silver labradorite handmade hoop earrings measure approximately 1 inch in diameter. A nice size for work or play. Wear these with all your Fall and winter clothing. Add a touch of elegance and classic style with these labradorite chip hoop earrings.

Labradorite is a sister to moonstone, and links to the "darker" Crone aspects of the Goddess, and grants inner knowing of Mystery.

Use Labradorite to: Stimulate imagination Develop enthusiasm and thus, new ideas To see more clearly in meditation labradorite is thought to bring good luck. Labradorite alleviating bone issues, disorders of the spinal column and the wear and tear of the joints. Rheumatism and arthritis may also benefit from this stone's healing powers. Labradorite has a calming and harmonizing effect. Improves intuition Clarifies your own views and objectives.
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